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Step Feeders                     

Check out the video below !                             Click here for to download our Step Feeders .PDFStep Feeder, Parts Feeder, Material Handling

CDS Manufacturing's Step Feeders are perfect for automatic feeding and presentation of parts for any automatic assembly, automatic inspection or secondary application. These versatile step feeders are used heavily in the automotive industry and known for their flexibility, efficiency, and day to day reliability.

Step Feeder, Parts Feeder, Stepper FeederStep Feeders Features:
Quiet Operation                    Lower Maintenance
Metered Feeding                  Gentle Handling
Vibration Free Feeding          Low Load Height
Handles Oily and Contaminated Parts
Feeds a Wide Variety of Parts
Simple Reliability


Optional Equipment:
Contact us today with your specifications for more information about CDS Manufacturing's Step Feeders. CDS Manufacturing can provide Step Feeders with a wide range of options and additional equipment, including; automatic laser inspection equipment, vision systems, eddy current inspection equipment, precision roll sorting equipment, pick & place equipment, robotics, and more...

Contact Us today for more information about our step feeders.

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