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Automatic Sorting Machines

CDS Manufacturing designs and builds automatic inspection machines and automated sorting machines. Vision inspection machines, laser inspection machines, eddy current inspection machines, LED measurement systems, ultrasonic inspection, linear vector displacement transducers, roll sorters, pin inspection systems, and more. Click here for a downloadable .pdf of our capabilites.



Here's a few examples of automatic inspection machines and automated sorting machines provided for past applications

Laser Length Inspection Laser Length Inspection Machine
Laser Length & Diameter Inspection Laser Length & Diameter Inspection Machine
LED Diameter Inspection  LED Diameter Inspection Machine
Vision Inspection System Vision Inspection Machine
Inner Diameter Inspection

Inner Diameter Inspection Machine

Braze Ring Inspection Braze Ring Inspection Machine
Spherical Parts Sorter Spherical Parts Sorting Machine
Moter Testing System Motor Testing System
Length, ID, and Counterbore Inspection Length, ID, and Counterbore Inspection Machine
Pressure Testing Pressure Testing Machinery
Vision System Vision System
Precision Roll Sorters

Precision Roll Sorting Machinery

Eddy Current Inspection System Eddy Current Inspection Machine
Vision System II Vision System Sorting Machine
Automatic Diameter Sorting Machine

Whether it be automatic length inspection, diameter inspection, feature presence, mixed parts, brass insert inspection, dowel pin inspection, thread inspection, foreign materials, counterbore depth, or any other quality problem, our experienced team, drawing upon knowledge of past applications, imagination, and cutting edge technology has a solution for your unique automatic inspection and automatic sorting application.  Our in house inspection and sorting machinery can be configured for many unique applications

Contact Us for more information about our automatic inspection machines
and automated sorting systems.

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