Contract Assembly Services

CDS LIPE Manufacturing provides contract assembly services to every industry including aerospace, automotive, consumables, copy products, digital imagery, electronic, electromechanical, hardware, medical, molded plastics, pharmaceuticals, screw machine products, sheet metal stampings, and more. Our ability to automate for contract assembly applications means higher efficiency, faster delivery, and cost savings to you the customer.


Pocket Planners, Flash Lights, Circuit Board Assemblies, Cable Assemblies, Plastic Assemblies, Pharmaceutical Assemblies, Radiator Cap Assemblies, Cap & Lid Assemblies, LED Assemblies, Aperture Plate Assemblies, Camera Faces, Spring & Housing Assemblies, Sprocket & Spring Assemblies, Motor Control Modules, Flex-Circuit Assemblies, Drink Cups, Fan Assemblies, Tweezers, Aperture Plates, Grommets, Valve & O-ring Assemblies, Handle Assemblies, Drill Assemblies, Bracket Assemblies, Kit Assemblies, Sheet Metal Assemblies, Reservoir Assemblies, and more…

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