Laser Inspection Video

CDS Manufacturing designs and builds Automatic Laser Inspection Systems for customer applications. These laser inspection systems are also used at our facility to provide automatic inspection services to sort for length, ID, OD, feature size and shape, mixed parts, and more.

Part Description Pins, Rods, Sleeves/Bushings
Industry Served Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products
Machine Rate 200 parts per minute
Process Overview Parts are automatically fed via the vibratory bowl feeder to the laser inspection station. Parts that fail laser inspection are diverted to rejects output chute. Parts that pass laser inspection are gated as good parts and exit the system via the good parts output chute.
Flexibility Yes. Feeder, output conveyor, and laser inspection station adjustments to accommodate a wide variety of parts.
Optional Equipment Available Yes. Hopper elevator, good / reject parts counter, sound enclosure, machine casters.