Booklet Assembly Machine

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CDS Manufacturing designed and built this system to automatically assemble pocket planner type booklets.

The operator loads booklets and vinyl covers into their respective magazines. The system automatically removes a booklet from the booklet magazine and installs it into a vinyl cover. Completed assemblies are fed to an output conveyor, folded closed, and presented for operator packaging.

Part Description Pocket planners, appointment books
Industry Served Consumer product
Machine Rate 40 parts per minute
Process Overview Inserts and covers are manually loaded into magazines. Automatic equipment removes insert from magazine and inserts front flap into vinyl cover. Assembled booklets are folded, counted, and fed off the end of the output conveyor.
Flexibility Yes. Pocket planners and appointment books ranging from approximately 3"x5" to 5"x7"
Optional Equipment Available Yes. Auxiliary magazine storage and loader, automatic packaging system, box erector / closer, automatic labelling system.