Braze Ring Installation Machine

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CDS Manufacturing designed and built this semiautomatic system for installation of braze rings.

The operator loads parts into the low profile hopper. The hopper supplies parts to the feeder system. The number of parts in the system is automatically maintained. Braze rings in the proper orientation are fed to the end of the orientation track where an operator installs the ring by pressing on a tube at the assembly nest.

Part Description Braze Ring
Industry Served Automotive
Machine Rate Manual Insertion @ approx 30 parts per minute
Process Overview Automatically feeds and orients braze rings for delivery to manual installation station at end of vibratory feeder. Operator presses tube through braze ring to install.
Flexibility Yes. 1/4" – 1" braze rings with adjustable / changeover tooling.
Optional Equipment Available Yes. Adjustable / changeover tooling to accommodate multiple braze ring sizes, parts counter, larger auxilliary bulk hopper.