Indexing Dial Assembly Machine

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CDS Manufacturing designed and built this indexing dial machine. This system automatically assembles lenses to camera faces using heat staking equipment.

The operator loads a camera face and lenses onto the assembly nest at station one. The operator presses the palm buttons. As the camera face and lenses cycle through the three assembly stations, the heat staking equipment assembles each of the lenses to the camera face. When the completed assembly reaches station one, the operator removes the assembly from the nest.

Part Description Camera face
Industry Served Consumer Products
Machine Rate Semiautomatic, 20 parts per minute
Process Overview Operator loads camera face onto indexing dial plate nest and places lenses in position. Operator presses palm buttons. Indexing dial present components to heat staking equipment for assembly. Operator removes finished assembly.
Flexibility Yes. Custom equipment. Dedicated system.
Optional Equipment Available Yes. Vision system verification of assembly.