Lightbulb Filament Feeder

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CDS Manufacturing designed and built this lightbulb filament feeder. The first of its kind, this system replaced operators using tweezers to singulate and orient parts.

The operator loads lightbulb filaments into the bulk tray. The bulk tray supplies parts to the linear vibratory parts feeder. The number of filaments in the feeder is automatically maintained. Filamentss in the proper orientation are fed to orientation tooling and then to an automatic escapement where they are loaded onto to the customer’s walking beam. CDS Manufacturing has built lightbulb filament feeders for both flourescent and incandescent filaments. Some systems include lightbulb filament inspection for bent parts, damage parts, and the like.

Lightbulb Filament Feeder
Part Description Flourescent and Incandescent Filaments
Industry Served Consumer Products
Machine Rate 45 parts per minute
Process Overview Lightbulb filaments are automatically fed from the bulk tray to a linear vibratory feeder system. Filaments are inspected for bends, breaks, short parts, and damage. Properly oriented parts are fed to an escapement where they are released on signal to customer's walking beam.
Flexibility Yes. Accommodates various size filaments with adjustable / changeover tooling.
Optional Equipment Available Yes. Good / reject parts counter, sound enclosure, machine casters.