Vibratory Feeder Brush

CDS LIPE Manufacturing provides 3M Brushlon.  Please note, supplies are limited.  When 3M Brushlon is discontinued, CDS LIPE Manufacturing will offer Dyna-Slide Brush as a comparable replacement.  Vibratory feeder brush is ideal for moving parts, packages, or materials quickly, gently, and quietly.  Its 20 degree fiber on a vibratory surface efficiently, feeds, orients, accumulates, and transports a wide variety of parts, packages, and materials.

vibratory feeder brush
vibratory feeder brush

Vibratory Brush V-track

Rugged and replaceable long lasting vibratory feeder brush is gentle on fragile parts and part surfaces and means longer equipment life, even with heavy parts.

Typically, conveyors, feeders, and accumulators (also known as carpet conveyors and brush conveyors) lined with vibratory feeder brush operate at less than 65dba due to the resin backed surface that absorbs sound.    Green parts can be fed with minimal or no damage.  Vibratory brush is available for both wet and dry applications.  Available in a standard 12″ x 120″ roll as well as custom cut sizes to meet your particular requirements.

Click on any of the items below for enlarged views and relative page links on our website.  Be sure to CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO  of vibratory feeders, conveyors, and accumulators designed and built by CDS LIPE Manufacturing using vibratory feeder brush.  Feel free to contact us for more info.

Vibratory Feeder Brush    Vibratory Feeder Brush

                 Vibratory Feeder Brush          Dyna-Slide Feeder Brushvibratory conveyor

Vibratory Feeder Brush     Vibratory Feeder Brush Gluevibratory brush accumulator


Vibratory Conveyor Brush