Cap Assembly Machine

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CDS Manufacturing designed and built this automatic cap assembly system. The entire system consists of two individual machines performing the same operation. The machine automatically closes baby wipe style caps.

The operator loads caps into the hopper. The hopper supplies parts to a linear vibratory feeder. The feeder orients the caps and delivers them to an indexing dial that automatically closes the snap type lid.

Part Description Baby wipe type cap, flip cap
Industry Served Consumer product.
Machine Rate 110 parts per minute
Process Overview Caps are automatically fed and oriented with the flip cap in a consistent rotation. Caps are loaded onto nests on an indexing dial plate. Caps are inspected for short shots and damage. Automatic tooling closes flip cap, confirms that the cap is closed, and removes assembled cap from dial plate to discharge chute.
Flexibility Yes. Caps ranging from approximately 3"-6" dia
Optional Equipment Available Yes. Hopper elevator bulk supply, parts counter, automatic box erector, box labeller.