Length Sorting Machine

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CDS Manufacturing designed and built this length inspection system to sort pins. The system combines a vibratory bowl feeder with laser measurement equipment to provide fast, efficient length sorting.

The operator loads parts into the bulk hopper. The bulk hopper supplies parts to the vibratory bowl feeder. The number of parts in the vibratory bowl feeder is automatically maintained. Properly oriented parts are fed to the laser measurement tooling for length inspection. Good and reject parts are gated accordingly and exit the system via their respective output chutes.

Part Description Pins, Sleeves, Bushings
Industry Served Automotive
Machine Rate 60 parts per minute
Process Overview Parts are automatically fed via the vibratory bowl feeder to the laser length inspection station. Parts that fail laser length inspection are diverted to rejects output chute. Parts that pass laser length inspection are gated as good parts and exit the system via the good parts output chute.
Flexibility Yes. Accommodates various size pins, rods, sleeves, and bushings
Optional Equipment Available Yes. Hopper elevator, good / reject parts counter, sound enclosure, machine casters, packaging system.