Medical Device Assembly Machine

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CDS Manufacturing designed and built this system to assemble a frequently used medical device. This assembly machine consists of three vibratory feeders, two conveyors, pick & place installation equipment, spraying equipment, a dryer, an accumulation table, and process controls.

Three individual components are automatically fed, oriented and assembled on this system. The medical assembly is then fed through two spraying operations and a dryer. Completed assemblies are fed to an accumulation table for packaging by an operator.

Part Description Medical assembly
Industry Served Medical
Machine Rate 20 parts per minute
Process Overview Medical components are fed to their respective assembly stations for component assembly. The finished assembly is spray painted, dried, and fed to an accumulation table for operator pack out.
Flexibility No. Custom equipment. Dedicated tooling.
Optional Equipment Available Yes. Hopper elevators, vision system parts inspection, packaging system.