Lid & Straw Assembly Machine

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CDS Manufacturing designed and built this Lid & Straw Assembly Machine. This system automatically feeds, orients, and assembles the five different components of a baby drink cup assembly.

Each component is fed and oriented by its own individual vibratory feeder system to insertion equipment located on the indexing dial plate at each of the assembly stations. Pick and place equipment with custom end tooling assembles the components of the drink cup at multiple stations around the indexing dial plate. The completed plastic cup assembly exits the system via the output chute to the customers container.

Part Description Plastic Cup, Baby drink cup
Industry Served Consumer products
Machine Rate 50 parts per minute
Process Overview Plastic cup components are automatically fed via their individual linear vibratory feeders to dedicated pick and place units around and indexing dial plate. Custom end tooling on the pick and place units install and assemble the various plastic components. Completed assemblies are unloaded from the nests on the indexing dial plate and exit the system to customer's container.
Flexibility No. Custom equipment. Dedicated tooling.
Optional Equipment Available Yes. Hopper elevators, vision system error proofing, good / reject parts counter, sound enclosure, machine casters, packaging systems.