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CDS Manufacturing designed and built this automatic knife handle assembly machine.

This system utilizes a vision inspection system and a rotator to orient and feed knife handles to a blade insertion station. A dual headed pick and place positions a pair of handles at the end of the system where the blades are inserted. Part present sensors confirm that the all of the components are in position before a heating element assembles the parts.

Part Description Knife Handle and Blade
Industry Served Consumer products
Machine Rate 20 parts per minute
Process Overview Knife handles are automatically fed and oriented using a vibratory feeder and vision inspection system. The operator manually loads two blades into the assembly station. A dual headed pick and place positions two handles at the assembly station. The assembly equipment cycles inserting the blades into the handles. The operator removes the finished assemblies.
Flexibility No. Custom tooling. Dedicated system.
Optional Equipment Available Yes. Hopper elevator, automatic blade feeding equipment, pick and place removal of assemblies.